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US soccer fans captivated by ‘the beautiful game’ can now experience first-hand the famous power of the sport to break down barriers, unite communities and tackle critical social challenges with the launch of a new social enterprise called ‘the third half’.

The third half designs adventure soccer tours to destinations like Lesotho, Brazil and Costa Rica where travelers are hosted by local non-profits using the sport to help disadvantaged children. As part of the emerging sector of Benefit Corporations (often known as B-corps) that includes brands like Patagonia, Warby Parker, Etsy and Ben & Jerry’s, profits from every trip are invested directly into the local host organizations.

“For many Americans soccer can be a unique way to experience the world” said third half CEO German Arguelles. “The last few years have seen a tremendous increase in both the sports and responsible tourism sectors and the third half gives you the chance to do both at the same time. Soccer is often called ‘the world’s only common language’ and this is about promoting global citizenship and sustainable business”.

The brainchild of an innovative new collaboration between one of the USA’s most successful soccer travel companies and the world’s leading network of ‘Soccer for Good’ organizations, the third half uses the medium of the global game to create a ‘level playing field’ between the visitors and their hosts.
“In disadvantaged communities all over the world, local organizations have figured out how to use soccer to address issues like gender inequality, homelessness, gang violence, HIV and Aids, you name it’ said Mike Geddes, COO of the third half. “But most of them rely on charity donations and handouts just to survive. With the third half we’re creating a path towards sustainable revenue using the tools they know best, as well as educating a new generation of soccer fans on global development issues”.

Steve Fleming, co-founder of Kick4Life, a social impact organization and third half destination host in Lesotho, agrees: “We aim to generate income from a diverse range of sources and the third half will allow us to earn income through a sustainable business as well as creating a whole new community of fans and supporters for Kick4Life. We can’t wait to welcome visitors who want to see the power of soccer to change lives in Africa”.

Travelers will be able to choose from a range of options depending on preferred location, level of soccer skill, age and dates of travel. Each tour is managed by international travel experts and local community leaders who design a fun, safe and inclusive sporting, cultural and educational experience.

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