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SEM for the WIN! Coaches Across Continents Sees Big Jump in Reach & Clicks Thanks To Expert Guidance on Google AdWords for Nonprofits

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Previous Results for CAC's AdWords account, over 1 year (4/1/13 - 3/30/14)

Total Click Thru's  = 11
Total Impressions = 7,746
Avg Click Thru Rate = 0.22%

Elite SEM took over managing the CAC AdWords account 4/01/14; here are the results for the past 5 months (4/01/14 - 8/31/14):
Total Click Thru's = 366
Total Impressions = 106,266
Avg Click Thru Rate = 0.37%

That's a 3,227% increase in Click Thru's and a 1,272% increase in Impressions - amazing results. And much of it comes from solid oversight and monitoring on what keywords to select, how to set the bids and developing unified messaging across all of CAC's marketing campaigns - all things that many Nonprofits can do if they're shown the basics.

Here's what Adam Burgess at Coaches Across Continents had to say about their experience...

Coaches Across Continents were very keen to apply for the chance to be awarded assistance with our Google AdWords for a number of reasons. We had a Google AdWords account but were definitely not experts on how to effectively use it to drive traffic to our website. However, we were sure that this was something which was important for any type of business - for-profit, nonprofit, government agency - to utilize effectively. With an incredible free tool such as Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits available for any organization we saw it as imperative that we develop our online capabilities through this expert assistance.

Coaches Across ContinentsThrough consultation, Elite SEM began to understand Coaches Across Continents and the best way for us to use Google AdWords to reach new donors, volunteers, supporters and partners. Almost immediately after they began developing our account with new ads and keywords we saw an increase in the number of people who saw our ads on Google and clicked onto our website. It turns out that before the partnership we had barely been having an impact on Google users, but Elite SEM allowed us to utilize far more of our allocated Google Ad Grants money to spread online awareness of the organization. We have also been able to match up our marketing campaigns with our ads and campaigns which gets the word out there.

Now we are in the process of taking over management of the account so that we can continue to utilize this great tool efficiently and effectively on our own. Maybe easier said than done but with EliteSEM to assist us we couldn’t be in better hands! Thanks to Sports and Social Change for the opportunity and EliteSEM for their great work on the account. For any Nonprofit organization, online marketing can be extremely important. Google AdWords through their Ad Grants program should be near the top of the list when building an online presence.


Elite SEMAnd here are some Google AdWords Best Practices for Nonprofits from Elite SEM:

  • Unless your budget is capped, set all keyword bids to the $2 max
  • Implement conversion tracking in order to gain visibility on which campaigns/ad groups/keywords/ads are successfully driving conversions
  • Implement Google Analytics on your website and link it to Google Adwords for improved overall traffic analysis; this will help you see which ads are actually driving traffic back to your website.
  • Stay active and engaged! Google recently updated their Google Grants program guidelines – all accounts are subject to pausing and/or cancellation if no changes are made every 90 days.

Granted, not every Nonprofit out there gets a chance to have a top level SEM firm walk them through the process for 5 months and show them the ropes. We're very grateful that Elite SEM was willing to offer their services pro-bono to an organization in our network.

It's important for all Nonprofits to know that managing Google AdWords takes time, proper training and ongoing attention. But the rewards can be extremely valuable. As Adam said to me, "Whether you want to attract customers, increase donations or simply build awareness, enhancing the online presence of the organization is essential. People don’t say ‘just Google it’ for no reason!"

For Nonprofit Sports Orgs who are active with Google AdWords and other digital marketing tools, please stay tuned - we're planning to offer more mission-critical services like this in the very near future. And you can always This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view learn more about our work in assisting Nonprofit Sports Orgs with marketing, public relations, social media and corporate partnerships.

And if your Organization hasn't taken advantage of the Google Ad Grants program for Nonprofits you can start here:

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