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Help Get the US Power Soccer Team to the White House! #PowerSoccer2WH

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For the uninitiated, Power Soccer is the fastest growing sport for power wheelchair users. Played indoors, usually on a basketball court or other enclosed playing area, Power Soccer is a 4-on-4 game where players pass, defend and "spin-kick" a 13-inch soccer ball towards the goal to score. Playing under rules established by the governing body of power soccer, the Federation Internationale de Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA), there are more than 60 teams across the country and the best players from these programs are selected to represent the US in international competition.

With the recent Paralympic Winter Games receiving unprecedented media coverage, this presents another great opportunity to recognize athletes with disabilities and highlight the adaptive sports community. Led by the good folks at Senda Athletics, a brilliant sports Social Enterprise that we'll be profiling later this month, many in the soccer community are rallying support to get the team invited to the White House and there are several ways you can get involved. Here are all of the details...

The goal of this campaign is to seek an invitation for the U.S. Power Soccer Team to join the U.S. Men’s National Team in their visit to DC prior to heading to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. This is a unique opportunity for President Obama to honor both teams’ achievements together, on the world stage. Thus far, the campaign to make this happen has reached nearly 1,000 supporters, and word is being spread through all of the major social media channels.

“Each year, winning teams in major sports in the U.S. spend time with the President; it is an honor athletes who reach the highest of milestones enjoy,” said Chris Finn, Head Coach of the U.S. team. “Considering we are the only team in U.S. history to win TWO world cups, I think it is prudent for our team to visit with the President and introduce him to our growing global sport.”


Get Involved

Here are three simple things you can do to support the campaign:

1 Sign the petition and join the campaign

2. Tweet to The White House, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
(you'll find pre-written tweets here, encouraging each to invite the team to the White House; all you need to do is click a link and hit send)

3. Head over to the Facebook fan page to like, share, communicate and connect

A big high-five goes out to the team at Senda Athletics for driving this campaign. We'll be highlighting them later this month as we shine a light on some of the leading Social Enterprises in sports business. Senda is committed to manufacturing fair trade sports balls and equipment, and they continue to lead the way in encouraging more sports brands to embrace fair trade business practices.

We encourage you to please sign the petition, spread the word, follow the #PowerSoccer2WH hashtag and let's get these men and women to the White House!


US Power Soccer Association Senda Athletics

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