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Sport Does Not Discriminate: Principle 6 Campaign Challenges the IOC for a Spot on the Podium

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Russia's stance on gay rights has been widely reported, and along with the exorbitant construction costs and the growing threat of terrorism, has become part of a triad of controversy surrounding the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. No one, least of all us, is naive to the big business that is the Olympic games, and the IOC has made it clear they won't take a stand on an issue that isn't directly related to the implementation of the games. While LGBT athletes are by no means being restricted from participating in the games, they know full well what's at stake in calling attention to a major world power's underlying issues of human rights and equality. Hence, the Principle 6 campaign was born.

To further the movement and amplify their voice, LGBT advocacy rights nonprofit orgs Athlete Ally and All Out have teamed up with American Apparel on a clothing assortment highlighting the message that infringement on human rights in the sports world won't be tolerated. They've rallied support from professional and Olympic athletes across a wide range of sports to showcase the recently launched line of tees, hoodies and accessories carrying the Principle 6 message. Athlete Ally founder Hudson Taylor told us "American Apparel is donating all profits (after expenses) to us. We are donating all profits (after our expenses) to LGBT Russian groups." More than just raising awareness, the organizers recognize that financial support at the grassroots level is also a key to making change happen in Russia long after the games are a distant memory.

While we would like to have seen American Apparel acknowledge a firm financial commitment and show a bit more transparency on the website about the definition of "proceeds," the campaign is well thought out, well executed and will hopefully have the desired impact during the games and beyond.

Visit the online store at and show your support by joining the campaign at



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