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Agenda Show Recap: Highlighting Top Streetwear & Action Sports Brands' Efforts in Environmental Responsibility, Cause Marketing and Social Enterprise

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Coalatree Organics (Sustainability)

Say "hi" to the guys from Coalatree. This quartet from New Castle, Colorado have a unique apparel line and an even more unique approach to running their company. They skate in the summer, snowboard in the winter, grow their own food, raise chickens, turkeys, pigs and cattle on their farm - which also feeds the local community - and crank out some great looking clothes. Their mantra: "We see a day when everyone is more concerned about what goes on and in their bodies - a day when urban gardening and urban art find harmony with a generation that gets down to earth and back to the roots.  A world where value is earned through a hard days work and organic quality isn't a cost, it's a way of life."
And they have a Koala in their logo. We dig that.

Coalatree Organics at Agenda Show Long Beach 2013

Denik (Social Enterprise)


Putting pencil to paper may be somewhat of a forgotten experience for many these days, but it's not lost on the founders of Denik. They make journals and sketchbooks featuring artwork submitted by young aspiring artists who share in the proceeds. But there's more than just super creative covers behind this company, as they're also committed to funding schools and education projects through the purchase of every item. Currently partnered with the Mali Rising Foundation, $1 from the sale of every Denik item goes to build schools in Mali. Denik also makes custom books and donates 5% of profits from these items to the same school building projects.

Denik at Agenda Show Long Beach 2013

Denik at Agenda Show Long Beach 2013

Ecoalf (Environmental Responsibility/Social Enterprise)


Fishing nets turned into board shorts.
Plastic bottles turned into sweaters.
Coffee grounds turned into t-shirts.

Ecoalf is founded on the concept of "tras(h)umanity" - turning trash into something beneficial for everyone. Through a range of up-cycling and recycling programs, Ecoalf manufactures a broad line of apparel, footwear and accessories for adults and kids. In addition, Ecoalf donates 5% of online sales to Waste Ventures, which supports waste pickers by "giving them the means to work in a safe environment. Their income is tripled by extracting greater value from the waste, reducing the portion dumped to under 20 percent." Launched in Spain, Ecoalf is making its way into the US market and has a great story to tell around up-cycling and reducing waste.


Ecoalf at Agenda Show Long Beach 2013


Ecoalf at Agenda Show Long Beach 2013

Goal Zero (Sustainability / Social Enterprise)


Sunshine. While we may take it for granted that the sun rises every morning, what many don't realize is how much power that massive star in the center of our galaxy has over this planet. And it's how we harness and use that power that can change how we live. That's a big part of the plan behind Goal Zero. Born out of the desire to help people in rural parts of the world have access power, Goal Zero manufacturers a range of portable solar power systems including batteries, panels, chargers and generators of all sizes. Already with a great presence in the outdoor lifestyle market and among camping enthusiasts, Goal Zero has picked up a strong following around the skate, surf and snow community for those who need power on-the-go for phones, cameras, music players and laptops. Truly a "cause looking for a business," Goal Zero started from within the nonprofit TIFIE Foundation where its founder created the first prototype to provide reliable, portable energy for people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the company donates a portion of their proceeds to support the foundation. For Goal Zero, "empowerment" may be the the most powerful thing the sun can do.


Goal Zero at Agenda Show Long Beach 2013


Goal Zero at Agenda Show Long Beach 2013


Goal Zero at Agenda Show Long Beach 2013

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