Sports command a proven power to cross barriers, create communities and unite nations, to affect the heart and the mind, from the richest man to the poorest child.

But how do we harness that power to support the greater good? is a comprehensive guide to nonprofit and cause-driven organizations in sports, with a mission of building the ultimate “all-star team”  of organizations, athletes, teams, leagues, companies, executives and fans to initiate meaningful social change. Here you’ll find FREE tools and resources to help industry leaders and sports fans connect with charitable programs around the world.

• Search the DIRECTORY of nonprofit organizations related to a sport, athlete, state or social cause.

• Find upcoming sports charity and fundraising EVENTS in your community.

• Read the latest NEWS, press releases and announcements from sports nonprofit organizations.

GET INVOLVED with a sports nonprofit org through volunteer and donation opportunities in your area.

• Utilize OUR SERVICES for Cause Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Enterprise development in Sports Business.

There are thousands of great causes and programs in the sports world – but they need our support to keep making a difference. We hope you find your teammates here, and working together we can all cross the finish line as winners.

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Forward. By definition, the word represents movement, progress, direction – all of which are qualities embodied within organizations throughout the Sport for Development sector. For SportForward it also represents the movement they’ve helped to create over the past 25 years by providing sports programming for communities in-need in 65 countries around the globe. SportForward’s programs use sport as a developmental tool to address key issues in education, health & hygiene, gender and disability awareness & inclusion, and peace building. As these issues continue to be challenges found around the world, their programs have reached thousands of youth and adults, and worked to bridge the divide and foster stronger communities.

We asked SportForward for some perspective on where they’ve been over those 25 years, where the sector is headed and what we can do collectively to keep moving, forward.

Read the full interview with SportForward here

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