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12 Year Old Marathoner on the Run To Save the Eyesight of Kids in Need
June 10, 2015
Submitted By: Nik Runs the World

West Chester, PA — 12-year-old Nikolas Toocheck is running a marathon in each of the 50 U.S. states to raise money for the Seva Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides critical vision care to people in need around the world.

Through his Running the World for Children Stateside campaign, Nikolas’ goal is to help children in need receive the gift of sight. Funds raised will support Seva’s pediatric programs to prevent blindness and preserve eyesight. With 37 years of experience, Seva is a leading innovator in the delivery of vital sight-saving eye care services. Seva’s programs have a special effort to reach children, the most vulnerable members of our human community.

Why this cause? Nikolas’s father is an eye doctor who has volunteered countless times all over the world, providing eye care to people in need. Nikolas has learned about this critical need while growing up.

An estimated 500,000 children become blind each year. Most live in developing countries. By providing access to proper eye care, 80% of blindness and low-vision can be prevented or cured.

“I can’t imagine not being able to see,” says Nikolas, “and I really hope that I can help change that for a lot of kids.”

Seva’s Director of Development, Julie Nestingen, notes, “It is wonderful to see the focus and commitment Nikolas has for making a difference in the world and he sets a beautiful example for other young people to realize that they ‘dont have to be big to make a difference.’ Seva is honored to have his level of commitment from our supporters - regardless of age - Nikolas is breaking records at many levels.”

The idea of running to help others is not new to Toocheck. Already the youngest person in history to complete a marathon on each continent (at age 11), Toocheck started a philanthropic campaign to help children in need called Running the World for Children when he was just 9 years old. He raised over $42,000 that provided more than 2,100 children in need with new winter coats from the non-profit Operation Warm.

Nikolas is proud to receive distinguished honors for his volunteer efforts. He is a 2014 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Honoree and a 2015 Jefferson Awards Foundation GlobeChanger.

To help kids receive the gift of sight, please go to and donate today.


Tags: Running, Children & Youth, Visually Impaired, Disability Issues

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