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Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing - National Capital Division

Associated Sports: Skiing (Cross Country), Skiing (Downhill), Skiing (Freestyle), Snowboarding
Causes Served: Athletics, Disability Issues
Age Groups Served: All
Mailing Address: PO Box 236, Station B
City: Ottawa
State/Province: Ontario
Zip/Postal Code: K1P 6C4
Country: Canada
Phone: 705-725-4845

The Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) is a volunteer based non-profit organization having the objective of promoting alpine skiing and snowboarding for persons with a disability.

The National Capital Division (CADS-NCD) is a member organization of CADS and oversees the programs and services operating in the regions of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

We provide the resources and support to break down barriers to this activity and in so doing, embrace a healthy lifestyle, camaraderie and fun. We are in need of new volunteers to maintain and grow our programs. Please see our Volunteering page for more information. Hurry, training starts in December.

The Division supports six formal programs in the region. Ski Hawks Ottawa , at Camp Fortune, for the visually impaired, the weekend Edelweiss program for all disabilities, the Racing program for competitive skiing. A program at Pakenham, Calabogie Peaks and Mont Cascades.

In addition to the formal programs, the Division provides support to schools and individuals on a request basis, providing partners and instructors to assist disabled skiers and snowboarders.