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African Basketball (ABO)

Associated Sports: Basketball
Causes Served: Athletics, Career, Children and Youth, Community, Education, Health, Peace, Poverty, Race & Equality, Womens Issues
Age Groups Served: All
Mailing Address: 1360 Clifton Avenue, #355
City: Clifton
State/Province: New Jersey
Zip/Postal Code: 07012
Country: United States

African Basketball (ABO) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt USA-based, non-Profit organization dedicated to the development of Africa through Sports. ABO organizes co-ed basketball programs, integrated with life skills, and leadership education for participants, coaches, and administrators.

We host co-ed ABO Leadership and Basketball Camps to foster academic and social development of participants, coaches, and administrators involved in our programs.

ABO uses the co-ed basketball camps and coaches’ clinics as a tool to: (1) motivate participants to attend, stay in school, and further their education after completion of their primary education. (2) Promote gender equality, and empower women by the inclusion of females from the communities at every ABO Leadership & Basketball Camp. (3) Capacity development, and Sports-Based Youth Development programs in Africa, and the United States.