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A Ganar

Associated Sports: Football (Soccer)
Causes Served: Career, Children and Youth, Education
Age Groups Served: All
Mailing Address: Partners of the Americas, 1424 K Street, NW, #700
City: Washington
State/Province: District of Columbia
Zip/Postal Code: 20005
Country: United States
Phone: 202-637-6227
A Ganar's design hypothesizes that soccer, and team sports, can serve as an effective tool for social and economic development.

Specifically, A Ganar tests how sport can attract multiple stakeholders, including sponsorship, to support a model which uses soccer as a platform to teach basic employability skills like teamwork, discipline, communication, responsibility and results orientation. It also will test how this model can move youth into demand driven vocational training and eventually an internship (or certified work experience).

The goal of A Ganar is to develop the youth workforce so that they are seen as an asset for future economic growth. The project purpose focuses on developing a sustainable partnership model which articulates key actors and uses soccer and other team sports as a tool to improve youth employment prospects. This is achieved through three components: Component I will increase awareness of the project and provide incentives for sponsors to co-invest in A Ganar Component II will provide training to youth in both basic employability skills and market-driven vocation training Component III creates opportunities for participants to exercise their skills in a work experience.