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Associated Sports
Causes Served
Directory of Sports Non-Profit Organizations

BC Wheelchair Sports Association

Associated Sports: Basketball, Tennis
Causes Served: Athletics, Children and Youth, Disability Issues, Health, Special Needs
Age Groups Served: All
Mailing Address: 780 SW Marine Drive
City: Vancouver
State/Province: British Columbia
Zip/Postal Code: V6P 5Y7
Country: Canada
Phone: 604-333-3520
Since 1971, BC Wheelchair Sports Association has served to enrich the lives of Canadians. We work with partners across the country to provide wheelchair sports opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities. Our scope is wide. We provides programs for athletes from the grassroots to the Paralympic level, and develop world-class coaches, officials, classifiers and other sport professionals.

Sports under our umbrella include wheelchair rugby, wheelchair athletics (track and field), and wheelchair tennis. We oversee wheelchair basketball through BCWBS. We provide support for other activities, including floor hockey and target sports. We believe strongly in the benefit of sport recreation for individuals with disabilities for all British Columbians. This has always been our passion. We’re not just changing wheelchair sports. We’re changing lives.