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Darfur United

Associated Sports: Football (Soccer)
Causes Served: Children and Youth, Human Rights, Peace
Age Groups Served: All
Mailing Address: 1732 Aviation Blvd
City: Redondo Beach
State/Province: California
Zip/Postal Code: 90278
Country: United States
Phone: 3107380285
Darfur United is an all-refugee soccer team made up of Darfuri refugees living in Eastern Chad. It is a community and media project created to add a positive element to a very dark situation: the crisis in Darfur.

Darfur United is a vehicle for social awareness through the power of teamwork. The story of the team showcases the positive impact sports can have on an individual and society as a whole. It also provides an introduction to greater social issues such as homelessness, war, and developing countries through the easily relatable story of a team's journey to a competition.

Darfur United is also the foundation for sports programs for youth and leagues in the refugee camps. All children have the right to play, yet those who have seen the destruction of their homes and family members killed have the least access. Darfur United will restore play and help provide a structure for sports in the refugee camps.